VicNoname1 day ago

Peter Altmaier, said: “The more fences are erected the greater the misery. Europe must see to it that this movement and this influx is orderly and structured.”

Wrong on every level.
EU must ensure that its external borders are secure, and that states are responsible for this. Should they not ensure the security then they are offered support and if this fails they are removed from the EU.
There can be no more dithering on what obligations any state has, we either adhere to laws or the anarchy continues.
One thing is for sure and that this reckless attitude of passing the problem deeper and deeper into Europe is not the answer. Hungary is the only country to date to take the required actions under its member responsibilities.

There needs to be a 250 mile fence erected immediately along the EU/Turkey border effectively stopping 100% of foot traffic from this route, this in conjunction with a rigid policy of returning immediately all boat arrivals to wherever they sailed from Turkey as this is a recognised safe area. The northern African coast monitored by high speed patrol vessels and any trafficking boat turned back to shore/emptied then disabled.
A few simple actions and the flow of people will stop virtually overnight, just as happened when Hungary took action.
All we require is the political will instead of dithering/handwringing.
Cost wise, it is both cheaper financially and socially.

The governing powers need to ask themselves…. Is there any end in sight of this flow ever stopping if we do not take actions.
The answer there is no. There is no stopping the flow unless it is stopped by actions.
When will the EU take the necessary action. after 1 million… 2-3-4-5million? Just when will they do the required thing.


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