Gives a more complete picture of Hungary.

Euro229 days ago
That was really good!!

Gives a more complete picture of Hungary.

Many Muslims who have come to Europe reject much of what is European – except for the fact that here the life is taken care of. And the proof is in how these so-called refugees and migrants are behaving once the reach Europe – few if any are stopping in the first country – and saying ~ at least now we are safe. No, they are travelling on – careful to avoid giving their details in countries which don’t offer generous benefits – and the all important right to have one’s relatives gain citizenship in those countries – which most would not disagree with. But Muslims have abused the system – where their lives center around marrying their children to those in the old country so another and another can immigrate.

Europe should have long asked for more than this from its Muslim immigrants. With every marriage – there is a foreign partner and makes integration much more difficult. [Not to mention their population grows disproportionately to everyone else’s – and mainly through these passport marriages.]

The Left take no responsibility. To suggest change – they say is ‘racism’. But this type of immigration is not helping the countries they migrate to. These newcomers don’t have the skills needed for a developed nation. Which means that in many areas – some 60% live on state assistance.

The popular argument is Europe needs even more immigration. But the question should be – what happened to the immigrants – countries like France, Germany and Sweden already have?

It is no wonder that Eastern Europe is looking a Western Europe’s mistakes. They know that a large Muslim population in their country is a recipe for disaster.

Look at the recommendation by the Coexist thinktank the other day – as to not ‘offend’ Muslims there should be no bacon or ham sandwiches served at work. And further – eating the favorite meal is a ‘sign of bigotry’. In Sweden, a clergywoman suggested all crosses be removed from the sides of churches to welcome the mainly Muslim migrants. That would make our countries just like the one’s Muslim migrants are fleeing – where that open display of other religions’ symbols are not tolerated.

And here is where the far-Left come in to save the day. All who dare mention the attack on western customs – are to be labeled racists[Islomphobes], hateful and intolerant – and their freedom of expression should be denied.

The Eastern Europeans smell a rat.

[Even Merkel is grasping onto the little support she has.]

:: Europe is an idea – and many Muslims reject its ideals and instead live in the hope of the perfect Islamicly led government – so that it produces a clash.

Racism is the byword of the moment – but it has nothing to do with race. It’s about religion. And in a free society – you cannot be told how to think and feel about a religion – by force of law. Or perhaps – ham sandwiches today – mark a sign of bigotry – our cherished freedoms tomorrow.

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