Crusader : What every British voter should consider regarding the E.U.

crusader43 minutes ago
What every British voter should consider regarding the E.U.1 – We did not vote for anything more than a Common Market and certainly not to be Controlled by Brussels or anyone else,

2 – We are giving billions of “OUR” money; taxes to Brussels and receive little back in return apart from idiots legislating our Vacuum cleaners and; reported Hair Dryers.

3 – This week, milllions spent on new cutlery for the elite in Brussels; our money.

4- Business, those who say we must stay are lying, they only consider themselves and their stocks and shares.

5 – Brussels; to a large extent; an unelected government at the top, who knew where or who war Rumpey; never heard of him or for that matterJunkers; did you vote for him, “NO” you, we did not and had no say in that at all.

6 – We are scared into believing that to leave the EU will be disaserrous, but for whom; those at the top, the Rich.

7 – Europe; historically have been our enemies, history does not lie and we must remember that forever more as a lesson.

8 – If we leave we are told that Europe will not let us forget; wonder why, they need us more than we need them, their dream was doomed to fail at before it got off the ground; collecting nations to form the club when no economies were on a par; it cannot work and it will not work.

9 – Ask yourself, do you want more legislation by created by unelected and unkown people abroad, do you want more rubbis business red tape that cripples your business, do you want a Euro Army run by Brussels, a Euro police Stasi Force that will treat you like surfs, slaves and second class citizens; because the European care not one jot about you or I, only that we have the world’s best monetary center, The City, they want that.

10- Finally, history, two world wars, the Third Reich, now the Fourth Reich is appearing, fiscal power over Europe a nation that was rebuild by us and the US post WW2 now dictating policy in Europe, so are you British or a Coward do you want to own and run your own naton or let unelected foreigners run you and do you believe in a straight IN/OUt Referendum; I do not, our leaders will offer us “Re-Negotiation” and with that we again will not know what we have let ourselves into and when it goes wrong and it will as the EU sinks even more into the quagmire as it pumps even more of our cash into their failed dream, the when it all goes belly up, those in power now will say as they usually say; “It is not our responsibility, we are not in that job now, cheerio”. It’s called unaccountablility and always we the people have to take it on the chin,

So….VOT TO SAY “NO” or be slaves to unelected people in another land operating a corrupt organisation that is parasitic to us all.

Vote “NO”.

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