The new working class party of Great Britain.

 The writing below is from a comment from the Mail or Express comments page I left a note asking if I could reproduce it in my Blog I hope he is okay with that.
Dave774 days ago
 Show me a real English battler, a working man or woman, and I will show you a “UKIP” supporter and voter.—Every real British working class person is a UKIP type of person.—The now disgraced and ideologically driven Marxist Labour Elite have well and truly been found out, and are being tossed out with the old rubbish of yesteryear.—Nobody who works in Britain for a living, could ever agree or support the treachery of those vile Labour MPs, notably Ms Dianne Abbott–or Ms Harman of “PIE” fame—Radicals like Jowett and Cooper, and the obnoxious “White Van” woman who had to resign her post, or the loud mouthed Ms Creagh —Labour Blairites and Miliband supporters have seen the resentment well up from all rank and file Labour grass roots ex voters, and they know that their type of Labour policy does not sit at all well with good decent ordinary people.—“Diversity” clearly was the fatal blow to their attempt to control we British folk, but it also brought about the fight to stop this awful diversity idea, and to regain our national pride and identity, as a white based sovereign nation, united as one people, a population of Indigenous white people, who will only accept foreigners who we the majority see as suitable for assimilation, and to live freely without hindrance from the evil European Union, a sovereign people, free to pick and choose our lawful rulers as we like.

Britain now dumping £1 BILLION worth of food contaminated by Calais migrants EVERY YEAR

BRITAIN is now being forced to dump £1BILLION worth of food every year because it has been “contaminated” by illegal immigrants breaking into lorries at Calais.

PUBLISHED: 04:05, Thu, Jul 16, 2015 | UPDATED: 08:58, Thu, Jul 16, 2015

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