Freedom for women

The further society drifts from the truth the more they will hate those that speak it.....George Orwell

The enclosed comments etc are to show women fleeing ISIS getting rid of the clothes that they have to wear to hide there

hair, exposed arms legs and face, they are so pleased to be leaving that disgusting regime they are expressing the freedom women have in this country to dress as they like. I spent two years living in Arab countries and no women were happy with the Hijab style clothing. I cannot believe young women today wish to wear it by choice.

Incredible moment elated Syrian women rip off strict Islamic robes and headscarves after escaping religious persecution under ISIS

  • Exclusive video shows women removing robes after escaping from ISIS
  • Men, women and children arrive in Kurdish-controlled territory in Syria
  • Witness said women were ‘feeling cheerful and joyful for being finally free’

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